Battery Safety

In this section you will learn about battery safety best practices. Over the years there have been several headlines about vape batteries starting fires and even “exploding”, but just how accurate are these stories? Luckily for you, vape batteries exploding is actually quite rare and is almost always a result of improper storage, which can make any battery unsafe, not just those used in vaping. So let’s dive into the Dos and Don’ts of battery storage and learn how to avoid incidents like these.

Battery Safety Checklist

  1. Make sure your battery wraps have no nicks or tears.

    If your battery wraps are damaged, discontinue use at once and have them re-wrapped or purchase a new set.

  2. Always carry spare batteries in an approved case.

    Storing batteries loose in a bag or pocket poses potential dangers; if the battery makes contact with another metal object such as keys or change it can short the battery and potentially cause a fire.

  3. Never expose your batteries to extreme temperatures.

    If batteries are exposed to high-temperatures, such as being left in your car on a hot day, then they can become volatile and dangerous.

  4. Always use a “married” set of batteries in any multiple battery device.

    A married set of batteries are two batteries with the same ratings, ideally from the same manufacturer, that were purchased together and used together exclusively in the same device. Never take one battery from a married set and use it separately if you plan to use the pair again. This can make the cell unstable.

  5. Don’t charge your batteries overnight.

    Keep them in a place where you can keep an eye on them. Charging overnight can cause the batteries to become overcharged and unstable.

  6. Replace your battery at the first sign of decreasing performance or damage.

    No battery will last forever. At the first sign of decreasing performance or damage, get a new battery immediately. Always air on the side of caution with anything related to battery safety.